2005_04_metronorth.jpgOr at least Connecticut will recognize civil unions of gay couples. Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell signed the bill into law yesterday, without court pressure. Even though some lawmakers are upset that a bill approving gay marriage wasn't passed (which is what Massachusetts has), still many gay rights advocates are pleased with the bill. And of course there's opposition who is planning protests and vowing that lawmakers that voted for the bill will face challenges when they are up for reelection. Gothamist wonders if this will mean NYC's gay couples will move to Connecticut to take advantages of what this means (various tax and insurance benefits, family leave), especially since the city's gay marriage question is in legal limbo. Will gays have their main residence in Connecticut, but keep a pied a terre in the city?

The Hartford Courant on this milestone. And the Metro-North is the best way to get from here to Connecticut.