House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn) was apparently appalled by news of two census workers forging almost 10,000 questionnaires just outside of his district, and is starting a probe into the incident. Spokeswoman Jenny Rosenberg told the Daily News, "The chairman said he is deeply concerned about the reports and he intends to hold a hearing in Brooklyn on this soon to get to the bottom of this matter."

Managers Alvin Aviles and Sonya Merritt the North Brooklyn Census office were fired after other workers ratted them out for using the internet and phone books to fill out unanswered questionnaires. It is unclear why they felt the need to forge the documents, as Census workers are allowed to mark households as "unresponsive" if they refuse to fill out a form. Regional director Tony Farthing had previously said, "We're not happy about what happened."