Photographer Katie Sokoler went shopping for a sympathy card at a 99 cent store in Williamsburg today but she says all she found were "tons" of "Congratulations on Your New Condo" cards. Does this mean more people are buying condos than dying? We thought condos were dying; according to The Real Deal, 1,841 condos are expected to enter the Williamsburg market by the end of this year.

Real estate insiders fear that's too many for this economy, and David Maundrell, president of, says, "It used to be enjoyable, exciting to open a new building. Now it's nerve-wracking." Banks have already moved to foreclose on several buildings in Williamsburg this year, including the Factory Lofts at 66 North 1st Street, the Metropolitan at 349 Metropolitan and Warehouse 11 at 214 North 11th Street. Like many other new buildings, these condos are now going rental. Which means the smart money's obviously in renter congratulation cards.