Somehow you knew that we hadn’t heard the last of Isiah Thomas, but this certainly wasn’t the way we expected to hear about him again. As details continue to emerge about Isiah’s overdose, the story has taken a bizarre and sad twist. Reached by the New York Post, Isiah told the Post that it was his 17-year old daughter, Lauren, who was rushed to the hospital. “My daughter is very down right now,” he told them, but also added it “wasn’t an overdose.”

The only problem is that Isiah's story isn’t true. Police will not confirm the name of the person taken to the hospital, but they
describe the victim as a “47-year old male”. When asked about the confusion, Harrison Police Chief David Hall said, “I understand that this person claims it was his daughter; he is lying. It was definitely not his daughter, it was a male. We know the difference between a 47-year-old black male and a young black female.

Police are calling the incident an “accidental overdose of a prescription sleeping pill”, but why did Isiah feel the need to get his daughter involved? Looking back, throughout all of his struggles here in New York, Thomas always deflected the blame for his problems elsewhere. Would a father really use his own daughter in that manner? One can only hope not, but right now it seems like Isiah has.

Photo of Isiah Thomas by AP/Kathy Willens