2006_08_maxipads.gifWarning: This post could be distressing because we're mentioning feminine hygiene products and fetuses. (We waited until after lunch to post it!) But it's really funny-bizarre, so it's up to you.

Yesterday, we heard that there had been a fetus found on the grounds of a Queens golf course and the police were investigating the matter. Thanks to the NY Sun, we now know what happened: After a golfer at Forest Park Golf Club saw something "suspcious" in the restroom, employees took a look and called 911, saying that a fetus was found. So authorities responded - cops on the ground, an NYPD chopper, the K-9 unit, the ME's office - in order to find the mother who was presumably on the run. A few hours later, it was discovered that the fetus was not a fetus after all but a sanitary napkin. Now, we don't want to think too much about how a maxi pad could be mistaken for a fetus, and even though an employee told the Sun, "Everyone thought it was a fetus," blood does not a fetus make!

The Parks Department told the Sun, "It's one of those odd but true stories. I'm not really sure how she thought that, but the appropriate actions were taken given the concern." Chalk this one up to watching a little too much Law & Order: Special Victims Unit!