If you were at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last week, you may have noticed that there were some shredded confidential documents sprinkled among the confetti. And it turns out the top-secret confetti—shredded horizontally for extra legibility—came courtesy of just one employee at the Nassau County Police Department.

The unnamed worker, who attended the parade as a spectator, allegedly filched the shredded documents from a precinct house and tossed them near 65th St and Central Park West. People watching the parade nearby ended up catching shreds of paper clearly marked with Nassau cops' phone numbers, addresses, license plate numbers and social security numbers, as well as incident reports and information about Mitt Romney's visit to LI for last month's second presidential debate.

It's still unclear whether the employee was an officer or a civilian worker, but Internal Affairs investigators have reviewed the incident and may take disciplinary action. And the NCPD will likely protect the identities of the officers whose information was disseminated as part of the parade decoration, so don't get any ideas about prank calling that cop who ticketed you last month.