It was another harrowing day of testimonies in the trial of Steven Hayes, one of the two men accused of perpetrating a brutal home invasion and murder of a family in Connecticut. A State Police detective who interviewed Hayes shortly after the brutal murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters Michaela and Hayley gave a riveting and shocking account of Hayes confession and description of the events: "There was a strong odor of gasoline emanating from [his] body."

According to the detective, Anthony Buglione, Hayes was out of money and about to get kicked out of his mother's home when he and an ex-con friend, Joshua Komisarjevsky, formulated their noxious plan. Originally, they only planned to rob the Petit family, put them in a car and set fire to the house to destroy evidence. The cop described Hayes' tone during the interview: "There was no emotion. He was pretty much as I described it—flat. Very quiet."

Hayes alleged that Komisarjevsky first raped 11-year-old Michaela while he wasn't there, then pressured him into matching him during a tense confrontation in which Komisarjevsky said that Hayes “was not doing any of the dirty work.” Hayes told the detective that Komisarjevsky said Hayes “would have to have sex with the mother to square things up between them." He said that he complied, although he was nervous because Komisarjevsky "was walking in and out of the room with a baseball bat,” the same baseball bat which he used to beat Dr. William A. Petit Jr. earlier.

Hayes and Komisarjevsky are accused of murder, sexual assault, burglary, kidnapping and arson; Hayes is charged with strangling Hawke-Petit, which he didn't admit to the detective. But he did repeat twice: “Things got out of control.” Later in the day, jurors were shown video of Hayes driving to buy ten dollars of gas at a nearby gas station in the Petit's SUV, which was used to burn the house down. Jurors also learned today through forensic testimony that Komisarjevsky took four dark, underexposed, "pornographic" photographs of Michaela, the girl he raped.