Clearly, Maksim Gelman wants our attention. The Brooklyn man, currently in jail for killing four people last year and stabbing a man on a subway train in a violent spree, gave an interview to the Daily News, claiming to have killed six other people. Now he's talking to the Post, revealing how he wanted to kill another notorious murder suspect, Levi Aron, who allegedly dismembered and slaughtered a little boy in Brooklyn.

According to the Post, "Gelman, 24, said he and Aron liked to watch 'Two and a Half Men' and “American Idol” on TV. He said when a show or commercial with kids came on, Aron would smile and say he liked children. Gelman said he planned to rip an electrical socket out of the wall, fashion it into a blade and use it to kill Aron. But Gelman shared his plans with a pal in a recorded telephone conversation, and Aron was soon transferred." Gelman said, "I would have been New York’s hero," and simply cannot understand Aron's actions, "He’s sick. How do you do that to a little kid? I only killed for business."

Gelman was also wistful about a potential interaction with the cops at the 61st Precinct, "I wish I had a shootout with the 6-1. I was a drug dealer. The cops were the enemy."