Congratulations John Strong, you are giving Ringling some competition in the cold-hearted, animal-hating, soulless human being contest. The Coney Island freakshow proprietor, who recently relocated here from California, is trying to get custody of the 5-legged pup that a North Carolina woman saved from a lifetime in sideshow hell. Strong had handed over a $1,000 down payment when Allyson Siegel convinced the seller (who was told by Strong that the dog would be going to an "amazing animal farm") to sell it to her instead. Her story touched so many that a Manhattan vet even offered to amputate the extra leg at no cost, an operation scheduled for next week. However, now Strong says he's the rightful owner of the dog, and is hinting that he'll take the case to court ("I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!"). Our Hero, Siegel, declared: "over my dead body." UPDATE:The amputation was done early! This morning the pup went under the knife in part because of this threat by Strong.