200709carousell.jpgAccording to Carousel News, "The New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”) is seeking a consultant or consultant team for restoration and reconstruction of the historic B&B Carousell."

Of the many wooden carousels that adorned Coney Island, this is the last remaining one -- and was purchased by the city for $1.8 million two years ago. When it was last operational, it stood near the old entrance to Luna Park, surrounded by furniture shops. To get it restored there's another $2 million pricetag, even though it was still running when it was dismantled and put in storage in Brooklyn in January 2006.

Once the 88-year old is back in tip-top shape, it may end up at Steeplechase Plaza, a proposed public park for Coney Island between the Boardwalk and KeySpan Park. Can a carousel and the Wonder Wheel survive amongst the Thor developments? It seems they'll at least have to co-exist. Dennis Vourderis, who as of now has no plans to sell the latter to the developer, says his father would have told him to make sure "The Wheel keeps turning in Coney Island.'"

Photo via Spatch's Flickr.