The Brooklyn Cyclone; Photo: Tien Mao

Might the Wonder Wheel, Nathan's, or the Cyclone be potential terrorist threats? The three Coney Island landmarks were found on a video tape that a man from Elmhurst had made. Kamran Akhtar, from Pakistan, took the footage on a video camera and is also the man police arrested in Charlotte for filming the Bank of America Building.

Also on his tape are the Museum of Natural History and footage in Central Park. All the scenes in New York included footage of his children and his wife. So the question is, are the tapes for surveillance purposes, or is this just a case of the Feds cracking down on a man that is acting suspicious and fits a certain profile.

On one hand, Akhtar is an illegal immigrant had $80,000 in his bank, shot videos of prominent buildings and had two identities. On the other hand, the video the Post viewed did not contain "telltale signs of terror surveillance."