A mother of seven remains in critical condition after being shot in the head twice outside a Coney Island apartment complex. Victoria Rogucki, 36, was trying to intervene in a dispute between her 16-year-old daughter's older boyfriend and her sons when gunshots rang out on Wednesday night. Rogucki's husband told Good Day New York, "She came out here protecting her kids and it lead to this... They just tell me she's ain't going to make it to tomorrow morning."

According to the Daily News, Rogucki's 17-year-old son Ishmel was charged with gun possession, "although it was not clear if he fired any shots - including those that struck his mother. Three other people also were wounded in the gun battle. Investigators believe bullets went flying soon after Ishmel Rogucki and his brother Lorenzo, 19, tried to pull their sister Felicia, 16, away from her older boyfriend in the courtyard of the O'Dwyer Gardens Houses."

The older boyfriend and his brother— Robert Reid, 21, and Roberto Carrasco, 24—were also shot in the chaos and are in stable condition. A third man was grazed. Police are still trying to understand who shot Rogucki—one of the brothers or a friend of theirs or her son Lorenzo.

Rogucki's family, including her two-year-old twin boys, created a makeshift memorial at the shooting scene. Her brother-in-law said the family had been worried about the violence, telling WCBS 2, "This is the hot zone. She was trying to make a choice to get her kids out of here and do the right thing. Not too long ago they were talking about buying a house out in Staten Island and now?"