A woman is clinging to life after being shot in the head when trying to intervene in a dispute between her daughter and two men. The incident occurred around 9 p.m last night outside of the O'Dwyer Gardens Houses in Brooklyn. Victoria Rogucki, 36, is currently at Lutheran Hospital in critical condition and three others were injured.

According to the Daily News, Felicia Rogucki, 16, was with two young men who were brothers "in the courtyard...when her brother Lorenzo took offense and called her inside, their family said. Lorenzo Rogucki, 19, then squared off with the two brothers," and that's when Victoria Rogucki, mother of seven, stepped out of their apartment and was shot.

Apparently both sides fired. Rogucki's father said, "She got in the middle of it. She was an innocent bystander... She was trying to keep her son from fighting. She is a good mother. She was scared for her kid." It's believed that Lorenzo Rogucki was shot in the neck. The two brothers were also injured in the chaos and were found blocks away after they crashed their car. A witness told the News "The guys came barreling into us. The two of them were shot," and said the driver yelled, "Oh, God! My brother's been shot!"