Some familiar booths and vendors along the Boardwalk in Coney Island will have to leave by the end of the summer to make way for new development. The Daily News reports that developer Thor Equities has been negotiating to buy up more land in the area, including where the Nathan's stand is.

"We are looking for a new home," said the manager of the gyro stand, who goes by the name Joey Clams. "Are they going to take us out and replace us with an Applebee's or Olive Garden? Knishes, hot dogs, shish kebab - that's what makes Coney Island."

Other establishments that will have to go are a go-kart stand, a souvenir shop, and a "Dunk the Creep" game. Kings County GOP Chairman Hy Singer owns much of the properties, and tenants believe he's been selling the land to Thor. Gothamist knows that Coney Island is trying to improve itself to be more attractive to visitors, but we do love how it is a little ramshackle and worn out, too. Here's hoping to a good balance.