In yet another story about how NYC is safer today than it was 10 years ago, the Post looked at how Coney Island has gotten safer. Crime has dropped significantly, thanks to the quality-of-life crackdown during the Giuliani administration, plus the new Stillwell Avenue subway station and Keyspan Park, where the Brooklyn Cyclones play, Coney Island have contributed to the rebirth. [Dick Zigun from the community group, Coney Island USA, told the Post, "It used to be impossible to convince people that Coney Island was safe when the subway station scared the wits out of people. Now, we've got the coolest terminal in the city."] Gothamist happened to be struck by this line:

Clashes between the Bloods and the Latin Kings gangs have given way to a tourist invasion that intermingles Manhattan's middle class with Williamsburg's 20-something hipsters.

Bloods, Latin Kings, yuppies, and hipsters - now that's a clash we'd be curious to see. For our money, the only thing consistently scary about Coney Island is the Cyclone, and that's fun.

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