Grisel Soto was suffering from bacterial meningitis when she was rushed to Coney Island Hospital on January 31st—but rather than treat her infection, hospital staff misdiagnosed her as suffering from a K2 overdose, leading to her untimely death, a new lawsuit against the hospital alleges.

Soto's husband, Jorge Matos, brought attention to his wife's alleged mistreatment shortly after her death, leading to an investigation by the New York State Department of Health, which in April discovered that the hospital had violated the federal code of patient rights in six different ways. In March, a number of the hospital's officials stepped down from their positions, though the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation denied it was directly related to Soto's death.

Now, Matos is suing Coney Island Hospital, along with HHC and several of its doctors, nurses, and physician's assistants, alleging negligence, failure to obtain informed consent, and wrongful death.

According to Matos's lawyer, when Soto, 47, arrived in the emergency room on January 31st, she was seen not by a doctor, but rather only by a nurse and physician's assistant. That nurse allegedly determined that Soto's symptoms matched those of someone suffering from an overdose of synthetic marijuana, or K2, and had her strapped to a gurney and sedated. Shortly thereafter, Soto went into cardiac arrest and died, her family alleges.

The autopsy results from the medical examiner's office revealed that Soto had not been using synthetic marijuana, but rather, as her family initially suspected, had been infected with meningitis.

"To me, she was tortured," Matos told CBS.

A spokesperson said that "NYC Health and Hospitals is committed to patient safety and ensuring the best possible care and experience for every patient and their family. It's a new day with an entirely new leadership team at Coney Island Hospital."

But Matos's lawyer said that "while the administrative shake up at Coney Island Hospital (7 administrators transferred or retired) hopefully will result in improved patient care, the focus must now be placed on the damages this family is entitled to as the result of her wrongful death."