2007_04_wonderwheel.jpgWhile it just opened for the season on Sunday, it looks like Astroland has a chance at staying open beyond the 2007 season. That's if Thor Equities, the company that purchased the land Astroland sits on, doesn't get its way on development plans. Astroland's status now depends on whether there are any delays to Thor's future plans. Joe Sitt of Thor told The Post that he's "willing to keep Astroland open" and "the last thing I want is for Coney Island to go dark."

How willing Thor Equities is to keep Astroland open depends on whether the City Council will allow luxury condos on the site of the amusement park. Apparently, it doesn't make "fiscal sense" for them to develop the land without the condos. In addition to the luxury condos, Thor's plan also calls for several rides (including a new rollercoaster), commercial space, and a hotel. All of it in an attempt to make Coney Island a year-round destination. An out of the way, year-round destination with chilling breezes off the water.

Assuming no delays or changes to redevelopment plans, Astroland is scheduled to close on September 9th. For anyone worried about the Cyclone, it's safe as it's on city property.

And, if you're interested, there's a petition to support NYC Planning Director Amanda Burden's stance against rezoning.

Photo of Wonder Wheel by Tien Mao