Last summer was a rough one for some riders of the 81-year-old Coney Island Cyclone; the Post reports that at least seven people were injured throughout the season while riding the roller coaster. According to Astroland operator Carole Albert’s website, the ride “has the highest safety standards in the outdoor amusement industry,” and in order to maintain that perception, Albert’s been trying to quietly settle the ensuing lawsuits out of court.

The injured riders all sustained neck or back injuries, which Albert’s lawyers blame on a malfunction that caused the Cyclone to make its first 85-foot drop with too much speed. (It reaches top speeds of 60 mph.) The problem has since been corrected, but not before it finally resulted in a fatality. After a ride on the Cyclone last July 31st, 53-year-old Keith Shirasawa of California fractured three neck vertebrae and died four days later after complications from surgery.

Photo courtesy Wally G.