Change could potentially be afoot for Coney Island's boardwalk, with rumors swirling that permitting may be farmed out to private interests.

Riegelmann Boardwalk has been a public entity for nearly 100 years, but now, the Parks Department is preparing to launch a call for bids to take over events permitting for the space, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

The news has sent locals and advocates into a frenzy over the implications of a privatized boardwalk. "This is not just a park some place. This is the iconic Coney Island Boardwalk, and I don’t think that a private entity should be in control of what happens there,” local activist Ida Sanoff told the paper. “All over the city we have ‘friends of this park,’ ‘friends of that park,’ and while they’re involved, they’re not put in charge of who can and cannot use an area. Isn’t this the job of the parks department? Why do we need a private entity doing that?”

A spokesperson for the Parks Department confirmed the city will be seeking a request for proposals, but did not offer a timeline. The city is home to three other privately operated parks, though the boardwalk would become the first city-owned space in which a private group issues permits.