Mayor Bloomberg has announced the creation of a committee to investigate how to make Coney Island a year-round attraction. Some of the ideas include, "seaside amphitheater for concerts; a world-class paddleball, volleyball and handball complex, and a water adventure park with heated water for the colder months" as well as a ferry from Manhattan to Coney Island. The goal, as Bloomberg states, is to make sure Coney Island's economy can be sustained year round and not be seasonally driven.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz asks us to put on our imagination hats: "Imagine a Boardwalk lined with even more restaurants, clubs and cafes with music, great food and dancing. Imagine that it's Saturday night and the only place everyone wants to be is in Coney Island." This would be a change from heading to Coney Island on a Saturday night because we've passed out on the F-train and missed our stop.

The official site for Coney Island's non-profit, Coney Island USA.