It's about 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday, and ConEd crews working through the night have restored power to 81,000 folks that lost it since Heatocaylpseageddon began on Thursday. But 2,700 people are still sweltering without relief in Brooklyn and Queens, and are left with bags of dry ice that the utility is distributing to suffering customers. It's not even cold comfort! "Me and and my 80-year-old mother slept in the car because there's no electricity, no air conditioning," an East Elmhurst resident tells NY1. Another claims that those affected have moved their elderly parents to hotels because "Con Ed has given them seven different stories about the time-frame for the repair." At least it's shared sacrifice: we received a report that ConEd CEO Kevin Burke was without power last night.

ConEd states on their website that, "The goal is to restore all customers who lost power from the heat by 11 p.m.," either on the grid or through generators like the one pictured above. In 2006 Burke was criticized after blackouts in Queens caused some residents to go without power for over a week, and apologized through artful PR. Mayor Bloomberg, however, said that "Kevin Burke deserves a thanks from the city." Are Queens and Brooklyn ConEd customers thanking Burke for their bags of dry ice today? If you're using the dry ice, which is being distributed at Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn and Richmond Hill High School in Queens, don't forget this appetizing disclaimer: "Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and should be used only in well-ventilated areas. Keep children and pets safely away."