2006_05_condenastbldg.jpgThe imposingly slick Conde Nast Building at 4 Times Square has made sure it's ready in case of an emergency, as building management has installed radio repeater responders to allow firefighters communication throughout the building. amNewYork calls the system "rare," as many buildings do not wire their buildings, since firefighters can bring in their own systems. The World Trade Center did have a repeater system, but "on September 11, 2001 either failed, was damaged or was not completely turned on," as per the NY Times. Needless to say, the Fire Department was thrilled, as it hasn't asked buildings to be required to retrofit with new responders (the FDNY says their new, more powerful radios work fine).

Durst, which manages 4TS, is also putting the system into One Bryant Park. The 4TS responder system cost $300,000. 4TS was also the .