2005_09_conancover.jpgNew York magazine brings the funny this week with a cover story about Conan O'Brien as well as some other NYC-comedy features. The Conan story delves into his "unsuave" persona and the possibilities of bringing his style to the rest of America when he takes over the Tonight Show (he says, "I’m open to going to L.A. Mostly because it won’t be my choice."). Gothamist highly recommends you read it, but we have pulled out his thought about the city:

"New York is a social experiment—the results aren’t in yet, it may not have worked, they took way too many people with a large disparity of wealth, stacked them on top of each other, and sprinkled bagels over the whole thing. Contrast breeds comedy, and the more extreme the contrast, the better the comedy."

We just want to know what kind of bagels O'Brien thinks are sprinkled on top of the city - H & H, maybe? And is there lox involved? Anyway, Gothamist wonders if now is too early to start a petition to keep him in NYC, but a sunblock pharmaceutical will probably lobby to send him to L.A.

2005_09_conanshow.jpgAnd Gothamist whole-heartedly agrees with this estimation of two city zoos:

"At the Bronx Zoo, the animals have space, so they run and hide. It’s bullshit. In Central Park, they’re there like the rest of us, sitting in condos and flipping through magazines."

Tonight's Late Night with Conan O'Brien

guests are Lindsay Lohan, David Alan Grier, and Dwight Yoakam; even though it's a repeat, who cares, as repeated Conan is usually better than fresh Jay Leno or even Letterman at times (Conan was one of two awesome things at this year's Emmys, the other being Jon Stewart). And here's how you can get tickets to a Late Show taping.

Also, NY magazine has a list of the Ten Funniest New Yorkers You've Never Heard Of; actually many of us (we're young! we go see live comedy! we live in the best city in the world!) have heard of them, but Gothamist is glad they are getting their due. In fact, two of them, Aziz Ansari and Charlie Todd, are past Gothamist Interviews. Read them here, Ansari interview and Todd interview. And, finally, check out Gothamist's comedy section for laughs around town.