conanstalker.jpgThe Boston priest arrested for stalking "Late Night" talk-show host Conan O'Brien has been found fit for trial. A Manhattan judge declared the Reverend David Ajemian mentally fit for trial after a court-appointed psychologist examined him. Ajemian was arrested after issuing a number of threats to the host of the NBC talk show host and attempts to get into an O'Brien taping.

Ajemian was relatively more unhinged than your average show biz stalker. He was also furious at tennis vet John McEnroe and accused the former on-court ranter of assaulting him in junior high. Ajemian attended Harvard with O'Brien and left hundreds of message board postings railing against the host. It was a postcard sent from Italy, however, that convinced cops that Ajemian was a serious threat to O'Brien.

The Rev. David Ajemian, 46 - who claims to have once lived in the same Upper West Side building as the star - turned up in Italy while O'Brien was on a trip there.

He then sent a postcard from Italy to the Massachusetts-born comedian - bearing a postmark from the same town O'Brien had just visited, law-enforcement sources said.

Ajemian was nabbed when he showed up at a "Late Night" taping last Friday bearing a message he said only O'Brien would understand. The New York Post said cops expected Ajemian at the taping because the priest wrote O'Brien telling him he would see him there. The priest's seminary mentor, the Rev. John Mark Hannon, said that Ajemian could still be a good priest, given the proper psychiatric attention, "He was a good seminarian. He was kind and generous and affable and concerned how people were...
He's very likable. It's just he's stupid, apparently." A good but stupid priest?

The Smoking Gun has the criminal complaint against Ajemian.