The two high school teachers caught in the buff in an empty Brooklyn classroom have made it to the lips of late night hosts. Last night both David Letterman and Conan O'Brien addressed the salacious sex romp during their monologues.

The James Madison High School language teachers, Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito, are currently waiting it out in the "rubber room," whilst the tabloids stalk the duo. The Daily News says they heard Mauro inside of her Brooklyn apartment yesterday telling a friend, "I was even on Letterman."

On that note, here's what the funnymen had to say last night. Letterman started out with: "Say what you will, this is the first time being a high school janitor has paid off. The teachers, in their defense, said it was show and tell."

Over on the West Coast, O'Brien declared: "The good news is, the two teachers won the talent show. The lesbian sex was between a Spanish teacher and a French teacher, which begs the question: Where was the field hockey coach?" We'd have to say O'Brien wins this round!