A con man was busted after he allegedly charged a pair of tourists $200 each for tickets on the Staten Island Ferry, which as far as we can recall, is free (mostly free). But hey, it is the perfect date spot to eat a $30 hot dog, clean your teeth with a $40 artisanal toothpick, and wash it down with an overpriced bottle of water.

The Post reports that Gregory Reddick, 54, was busted on Wednesday after Parks Enforcement Patrolman Jean-Baptist Joseph observed him ripping off two tourists on Pier 15. "They’re targeting people who are tourists, because they just don’t know better,” a Parks source told them. "Usually, the people we’re seeing are complaining that they’ve been charged $25 [for a Staten Island Ferry ride], but this guy was charging $200 each way."

Reddick, who was wearing an "Authorized Ticket Agent" jacket, tried to run for it after Joseph confronted him, but he was soon arrested. Police say he has "at least five aliases, six Social Security numbers and seven dates of birth — and has spent at least nine years in prison for burglary and credit-card fraud."

Although Reddick had the $400 from the marks on him when he was arrested, the tourists were gone by then, and haven't been tracked down since. As a result, Reddick was only charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

At least now you might have a little sympathy for all those dopey tourists who cause delays on the Ferry.