It's been more than three days since the Nor'Easter hit, and though lots of New Yorkers are still without electricity, their numbers are dwindling and Con Edison says all power will be back by tomorrow. Chris Olert, a spokesman for the company, told Gothamist that at latest count 143,000 customers have had power restored: "1,000 remain without electricity on Staten Island, 700 in The Bronx, and approximately 24,000 customers in Westchester County," he reported. (Queens and Brooklyn are up and running.)

"We're all getting jerked around," one Bronx customer told the News. "Why is it taking so long?" Bloomberg attempted to placate affected New Yorkers: "For all of those customers still without electricity, I know that every hour gets more and more frustrating," he said.

As the numbers suggest, Westchester County is faring the worst. Ray DeSousa, a resident of Greenburgh, NY has lost power two times recently: once for three days after the snowstorm three weeks ago and again after this weekend's wind and rain. “I’ve had good luck in my life with health and family, but not here,” he told the Times.

Yesterday two Staten Island politicians called for Con Edison to reimburse island dwellers—63,000 of whom were without power at the outages' peak—for the spoiled perishables in their dark fridges. The company, which has been doling out dry ice at the Staten Island Mall, has no plans to comply, though it will review cases individually, according to Olert. "Regrettably, claims for losses sustained as a result of power outages caused by conditions beyond Con Edison's control, such as storms, floods, vandalism, strikes, or fires or accidents external to our operations, cannot be honored," Con Ed explains on its site.