Last night's Fear Factor featured a stunt at a Southern California power plant, leading Con Ed to issue a statement warning people that substations "are not playgrounds." Apparently, the stunt had contestants "running through web of wires attached to a 10,000-volt substation, suffering stinging shocks while grabbing flags." Well, Gothamist wants to tell you something, Con Ed: We feel most New Yorkers know substations are dangerous since your various faulty wiring has made just walking the street dangerous! If anything, we're sprinting past the substations around town. And we'd like to say that if you're duplicating a stunt from Fear Factor, you might deserve what you get, but given the very young audience of Fear Factor, Gothamist will refrain. But you're eating those rats at your own risk!

Photo of the substation at 40th Street by our friend, Pak Fung Wong (also of tiny factory), for the Village Voice