Getting limited subway service back is nice and all, but for 624,353 Con Ed customers in NYC a much, much bigger concern is getting their power back. And sadly that is still going to take a while. Think three days for those with underground power and even longer for those with above ground power. But on the plus side, Con Ed kept last night's bonus Brooklyn/SI blackout short and say they have already restored power to 109,000 customers since Hurricane Sandy hit.

So what does Con Ed mean when they talk about power coming from above ground or under ground? Here, let the guys at the power utility's Twitter feed passive aggressively answer that for you!

As for how long specifically it'll take you to get your power back, it really depends where you are on the grid (and good luck getting them to tell you that!):

Still, if you think waiting three days to a week is bad, just be glad you aren't further out on Long Island! According to Governor Cuomo "about 90 percent of the customers on Long Island are without power" today because substations on the south side of the island were destroyed by Sandy and it is incredibly difficult to get crews out there. Though they are trying! Meanwhile Cuomo today says "I think it is days for sure in parts of Westchester and Long Island."

Time to buy more batteries. In the meantime, enjoy some b-roll Con Ed has released of workers responding to the crisis in Lower Manhattan: