Oh, Con Ed. On the same day the power utility has Mayor Bloomberg singing its praises comes news that the company could probably use a bit more empathy. In a bit of bad PR, it turns out the utility has been threatening to cut off power to a Bay Ridge shop over a $734.66 bill that wasn't paid—because the shop owner was murdered by the alleged "John Doe Duffel Bag" serial killer.

"Since we were unable to gain access to the meters, we are starting legal action for the removal of our equipment," Con Edison wrote to the store recently. "If it is necessary to obtain a court order for a city marshal to repossess our meters, there will be a fee of $45." What Con Ed failed to note was that they were unable to access the meters because the store was an active crime scene—which only police were allowed to enter—from July 6th through September 20th.

"I would understand if it was my fault, if it was something that I did, but I had no control," the son of victim Mohammed Gebeli, complained to the News.. "The police had control of the store. It was a crime scene. The lights, everything in the store was on for 24 hours a day for almost three months."

Con Ed now says it is "looking into" the issue. Meanwhile Gebeli's alleged killer, Salvatore Perrone, remains in custody.