It's been a while since we've heard from Rudy "My stamina is unbelievable" Giuliani, but it appears the Trump administration has retrieved him from the forest behind Hagrid's house and given him a job. The former Mayor of 9/11 Town will now head a new cyber security committee for Trump. So who's gonna break it to Barron?

Team Trump announced the move on its website, noting that Giuliani "will be sharing his expertise and insight as a trusted friend concerning private sector cyber security problems and emerging solutions developing in the private sector." It's not clear exactly what Giuliani will be doing with the team, but based on previous statements made by the President-elect, he will hopefully stop us from getting "hacked by other countries and other people." As Trump noted at his press conference yesterday, we have "much hacking going on" by, maybe Russia, who knows, also probably China, really could be anyone.

Anyway, Rudy'll fix it. "One of the things we’re going to do —we have some of the greatest computer minds anywhere in the world that we've assembled," Trump said yesterday, apparently referring, in part, to this mind:

Giuliani addressed his new gig on Fox & Friends this morning. “The President-elect decided that he wanted to bring in, on a regular basis, the people in the private sector, the corporate leaders in particular, the thought leaders, who were working on security for cyber. Because we're so far behind.” he said. It seems Giuliani and Trump have some sort of plan to rid the world of hackers, though like most things in Trump's America, it defies articulation: "It’s his belief, which I share, that a lot of the solutions are out there, we’re just not sharing them. It’s like cancer. You know, there’s cancer research going on all over the place—you’d almost wish they’d get together in one room and maybe we’d find a cure." Huh.

Giuliani, a man who never bothered to make a Twitter account, has yearned to be America's #1 Cyber Guy for some time now, having co-run a cyber-security consulting firm for the last decade or so. But as Gizmodo pointed out in November, Giuliani doesn't actually appear to know that much about cybersecurity, other than that investing in it makes you a boatload of money.

My own cybersecurity expertise begins and ends with the knowledge that "rebecca12345" is not a good password, but cybersecurity expert Drew Mitnick told Gizmodo, "Only by understanding technology and its vulnerabilities can policymakers successfully address online threats without creating new, more significant risks. In any cybersecurity discussions, policymakers must include technologists as well as the people whose safety and security are most directly affected."

More importantly: "They must also act with the understanding that the rights that exist offline, such as privacy and freedom of expression, exist equally as strongly online."

Online privacy! Freedom of expression! Constitutional civil rights on the Internet! I'm sure Giuliani will protect those just fine.