Jen's computer on the left, Jake's computer (in happier times) on the the right

Jen managed to tackle the Blaster virus a few weeks ago and Gothamist deletes hundreds of SoBig emails everyday, but today, our computer woes hit a new low: Jake's computer is fried. So Gothamist is asking our readers for their recommendations about computer stores, PC repair specialists, hard drive retrieval in New York City. The problem:

The computer refuses to turn on, or if it turns on, it turns off after a few minutes. The problem occurs in windows and dos modes, in safe mode, and when booting directly off the windows startup CD. The hard drive appears to working normally, and an extended scan produced no meaningful data. Virus problems, such as Blaster, have been discounted- and although all nonessential hardware has been removed, the problem persists. The consensus is that the problem exists in either the motherboard, powersupply, or some other central piece of hardware.

Please post your suggestions in comments. We thank you in advance.

The Times' Amy Harmon writes about how there's interest in the government cracking down on Microsoft and other companies to be more responsible about various system flaws in their software. Here, here, but Gothamist is also thinking about some sort of Death-Wish style vigilante justice to be visited upon writers of viruses.