Even though he's continuing to point out where the city may be overspending or losing money, the recent news that his campaign finances are being investigated by the feds is not helping City Comptroller John Liu. A recent poll from Quinnipiac shows his approval ratings from fallen from 57% in May to 38% now.

Liu, who has hopes of running for Mayor in 2013, has not been charged, but a NY Times investigation found that while companies' employees were noted as donating money to Liu, the companies and employees had no idea of the donations (for instance, the campaign stated that 11 employees from one company donated money, but the company only has three employees). One fundraiser has been arrested, and Liu has started to refund sketchy donations.

His spokesman, though, found a silver lining in the bad poll numbers and told the Daily News, "Given the daily barrage over the last couple of months, we're surprised that the numbers are that good."