Ah, now that the federal authorities are investigating some questionable donations made to his mayoral campaign, NYC Comptroller John Liu has started to return some of those possibly shady funds. A spokesman for Liu told the NY Times that about $20,000 has been refunded; the Times adds, "Much of that has been sent back to people connected to companies highlighted in an investigation by The New York Times in October into Mr. Liu’s campaign disclosure reports. The inquiry found that some people listed as his campaign donors insisted that they had never given money."

One man who had been raising money for Liu, Xing Wu "Oliver" Pan, was arrested for allegedly taking $16,000 from an undercover agent who said he wanted to donate money. Pan is accused of offering to mask the $16K, which is more than the legal limit for donation of $4,950, via straw donors. Liu has not yet been charged with any crimes.

Liu's spokesman George Arzt said, "Refunds are a standard process of campaign committees. It’s been a policy of the John Liu campaign that when a question is raised on a contribution, we refund it." When Liu was elected Comptroller in 2009, it was the highest office ever achieved by an Asian in NYC. WIth his future up in the air, Liu still plans on running for mayor at this point.