The primary run-off election is this Tuesday, and last night, City Comptroller candidates John Liu and David Yassky had their last debate. And apparently, with the race running close, they left nothing to chance by coming out swinging.

Yassky brought up Liu's claims that he worked in a sweatshop (the centerpiece of a Yassky negative ad) and that he helped find fraud at the MTA, "I've been saddened and disappointed by the campaign you've run in public service and issue. You've run ads that contain claims that just aren't true and the facts just don't add up." Liu fired back with Yassky's support of extending term limits, "When you went on for months telling your constituents, telling good government groups, telling your colleagues that you are not going to support a change in the term limits without going back to the voters. We took you at face value, and then at the last minute you tried to introduce some kind of resolution that you knew was dead on arrival and then you wound up voting yes."

The NY Times found the hour debate, "in the context of the current campaign season, almost thrilling," but unfortunately, noted that both men are "struggling to interest voters in a contest that few seem to be paying attention to."