ch7_windchill.jpgClear to partly cloudy skies and normal temperatures should rule the roost through Wednesday. No rapid interdiurnal temperature fluctuations are foreseen. Thursday may bring some rain or snow out of skies that will be more than partly cloudy. It is too early to tell which, but it shouldn't be significant. Friday looks to be another partly cloudy day. After those partly cloudy skies pass we may have another cold blast next weekend. By the way, we're writing 'partly cloudy' a lot to generate fan mail.

Is it Gothamist or did this weekend's cold weather seem much more like winter than last weekend's snowstorm? Unlike the blizzard, the wind had an ominous bite to it. Even so, this cold weather didn't seem all that cold to us. The sun is pretty high in the sky by now and we kept warm by staying on the sunny side of the street. Heat from the sun would have been cold comfort to anyone on Stratton Mountain, Vermont over the weekend. They clocked a wind gust of 143mph!

Current wind chills from WABC-TV.