We all know in our heart of hearts that the peace amongst Park Slope residents is incredibly fragile—just one tea shop closing away from veering into absolute mayhem. A few errant teenagers idling on the sidewalk is enough to spark panic, so what happens when a few dozens cars do so? Watch below as drivers stop being polite... and start getting real.

According to Streetsblog, a National Grid construction crew blocked Prospect Place between Flatbush Avenue and Sixth Avenue this morning. Drivers responded with classic NYC aplomb: by throwing off the shackles of civilized society, jumping the curb, and declaring the sidewalks car-friendly zones.

This is the gritty urban version of fording the river in Oregon Trail, only with less cholera.

"It looked like one of the drivers had gotten out of his car to yell at the construction workers and then got back in his car to drive around on the sidewalk," local resident Rob Underwood, who was walking his kids to school at the time and captured the videos above, told Streetsblog.