Those condemning and defending the execution of Troy Davis took to Twitter last night (#troydavis) to vent their grievances. One user, however, kept quiet. @CorrectHealth, the account owned by the company of the same name, has only updated regarding the services the company provides: healthcare to patients in correctional facilities.

While such a group is certainly needed to care for those living in prison, it's a bit alarming how CorrectHealth uses a social media platform to advertise its mission, which is to provide "cost effective" health care options to inmates. For example:


Perhaps more alarming was this posted yesterday while Troy Davis waited in vain for clemency:


Hundreds of Twitter users have sent replies to CorrectHealth after author Jeff Sharlet tweeted that it was the private corporation that handled Troy Davis's execution last night. It's somewhat true: CorrectHealth is owned by Dr. Carlo Musso, the same guy who owns Rainbow Medical Associates, which was contracted by the Georgia Department of Corrections to oversee executions. In June 2011, the Southern Center for Human Rights filed a complaint seeking to revoke Musso's medical license claiming that he illegally imported and distributed the drug used to carry out lethal injections.

CorrectHealth currently has a following of over 4,000 users on Twitter (the account also follows roughly that many). The accounts serves primarily as PR and does not appear to comment on the controversies of prison healthcare or capital punishment. Rainbow Medical Associates does not currently have a social media presence.