All those out-of-state jerks who take up the city's precious parking spots are finally getting their comeuppance. Law Enforcement Systems has provided the city with records from other states so the NYPD can track down past offenders. The Finance Department reported $18 million from Connecticut and Pennsylvania in the past six months, and now has no reason not to tow cars from over a dozen states.

However, the city is doing this after years of not paying certain states for database access, and thus not being able to tow or collect fines from ticketed outside drivers. And though in the last six months the city has towed 21 cars from West Virginia, 65 from Vermont, 166 from Rhode Island and 243 from Ohio, there are glitches that are letting many cars fall through the cracks. AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair told the Daily News, "If they could tighten up the procedure a little more, they could be reaping more income from this. "There's so many loopholes. How can I register my vehicle out of state? It's incredible—the levels of bureaucracy."

A 2006 investigation allegedly showed that NYC failed to collect on $14 million from Pennsylvania drivers alone. Combined with the audacity of Phillies fans, can't we just ban them?