With the MTA's budget shortfalls this past year leading to what was once the "Doomsday" possibility of steep fare hikes and service cuts only to become a "moderate" new burden for commuters, you can't imagine that New Yorkers have had the kindest words for the agency. (If you had any doubts, please refer here or here or possibly here.) But today's Post shares some of the official feedback given to the MTA in a sampling of the 300 letters they've received this year with greetings such as "Dear morons in charge," and accounts to follow such as, "Please be advised that for the last five days, there is a horrendous stench emanating from two vomit stains located on the side of the last staircase." And with recent spat of peepers, gropers and molesters making their way through the subways, the following shouldn't shock anyone: "I recently returned to NYC, and was once again shocked by how much groping, exposure, fondling and other acts of sexual aggression occurs on the subways, especially while riding the trains." If you'd like to join the underground love fest, here's the page to reach the blessed souls at the MTA's customer service department.