Trains and commuters returned to the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park early Wednesday, a day after a shooting on a Manhattan-bound train injured at least 23 people.

Media vans and cameras filled surrounding blocks outside while riders entered the quiet station during the pre-dawn hours, telling Gothamist they were anxious but undeterred as they returned to their commutes.

"You can’t let one person alter your life, gotta keep on — keep on going,” said Michael Torres, a FedEx worker, as he boarded an R train.

Police milled about the station's mezzanine but only one cop was on the platform as rush hour got underway Wednesday.

Evelyn Bermejo, 20, works as a cashier in Lower Manhattan and said she wished she could take a taxi, but can't afford it.

“I was scared this morning, I’m scared now being at 36th Street,” Bermejo said. “Usually I take a little nap on the train, now you can’t even take a nap on the train no more —  you gotta be on survival mode.”

You can’t even take a nap on the train no more — you gotta be on survival mode.

Evelyn Bermejo, 20

On Tuesday morning, a gunman detonated a smoke device aboard a busy train and opened fire, witnesses and police said. As the train pulled into the Sunset Park station, witness videos show people rushing to leave the smoke-filled car and others helping those injured onto the platform. Ten people were shot and at least 13 more people were injured, the NYPD said.

No suspect has been arrested, but police identified Frank R. James, 62, as a “person of interest” in the investigation.

South Brooklyn train service was disrupted the remainder of Tuesday as police investigated the shooting, but by Wednesday morning, D, N and R trains were stopping at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn in both directions, though delays may be ongoing.

Brooklyn mom Rosalie Cruz took her daughter to school Wednesday, getting off at the 36th street station. “I don’t feel safe in the train at all, my daughter is scared herself,” she said.

Cruz said if the cameras were operating in the station properly, the suspect may have been arrested by now: “I rely on the MTA and I feel like they let us down.”