2005_05_commutingrace.jpgLast week, Transportation Alternatives held a friendly race to see what would be fastest way to get to work: Taking the subway, riding a bicycle, or driving car. And, yes, if you guessed that the bike rider won, you're right: Professional cyclist Kristen LaSasso made it from Junior’s Restaurant on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to Columbus Circle in just 27 minutes, while Michael Hernandez of the Straphangers' Campaign got there in 30 minutes and the driver, Travis Ruse, photographer and photography editor at Inc., took 45 minutes. This kind of race was the cyclist's to lose, even though it rained last Friday, because the subway is a delicate balance of sufficient Metrocard fares and the signals working, and the NYC roads
require traffic lights to properly line up and no delivery trucks in the way for drives to be quick and easy. And forget about the parking. Anyway, Gothamist loves races like this; when the Acela service started, we loved the race from Washington DC taking a plane, Acela and car. One day, we hope to launch a pedestrian only race, where people must travel through loads of Eurotrash tourists in SoHo, manage the countless dog poo piles on the Upper West Side, and drunken hipsters on the Lower East Side.

June 5 is the first Tour de Brooklyn. You don't have to ride, you can volunteer.