Whether you're selling candy bars for new basketball uniforms or could use some extra space for your xylophone and stand up bass, you'll be happy to know that there's been more room on the subways so far this year with ridership dramatically down. This past March saw approximately 2.5 million less riders take public transportation compared with March 2008. Of course good news for cramped straphangers isn't exactly music to the MTA's ears. The drop in ridership has given the agency a new budget shortfall to worry about with $7.1 million less in fares coming in than was expected in March alone. Toll collections are offering no relief—bridges and tunnels saw a million less drivers come across them than the year prior as well. How long until the MTA threatens more service cuts or starts charging those pesky two-wheeled "anti-car extremists" for using their crossings? The Post blames the lazy unemployed for no longer paying their fare to go to work and suggests heavier snowfall this winter didn't help either.