Commuter Nightmare: Man Falls Out Of NJ Transit Train When Doors Open On Wrong Side

A NJ Transit train near Bound Brook
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A NJ Transit train near Bound Brook Julio Cortez/AP/Shutterstock

During the Monday evening commute, a NJ Transit worker apparently opened train doors on the wrong side—causing a passenger to fall into the tracks.

Another passenger Tweeted about the incident:

The door were supposed to open on the platform side at the station. A fellow commuter spoke to NBC New York, "confirming what the other rider said and added that the doors quickly closed after the man fell. That commuter says others started yelling to pull the emergency brake, and she ran through three train cars to find a conductor — who was completely unaware of what had happened."

NJ Transit confirmed the incident, saying that the passenger suffered minor injuries and declined medical attention. The agency also said that the doors were opened on the wrong side due to "human error."

Someone else Tweeted a photograph of a NJ Transit train car whose doors were open on the wrong side at Penn Station:

NJ Transit, which has been known to break commuters' spirits, faced with problems this summer as crew shortages have forced dozens of train cancellations. One rider told the NY Times, "Commuting with N.J. Transit is a disorganized, chaotic nightmare."

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