With the subways still down in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and no timetable yet on when they might be back (although we're expected to get a better idea of that sometime today), the city is offering partial, free bus service to help commuters get to work today. While it's understandable there might be some hiccups, things have been going really poorly out there in some places: there have been reports of long lines, overly-packed buses, nightmarish traffic jams (not helped by a lack of working traffic lights), and disabled vehicles. As Dyingtomeet1D put it so eloquently, "WAITED FOR THE BUS FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF IT'S FREAKIN CHILLY OUT HAD TO GO HOME BC ALL OF THEM FCKIN BUSES ARE FULL JUST LEAVE ME TO DIE :("

To be fair, some bus lines in Brooklyn are operating surprisingly well. Gothamist's John Del Signore says his commute from Williamsburg to DUMBO on the B62 was "smooth as silk." But check out less fortunate Twitter dispatches from the trenches below: