The Post reports that NJ lawmakers are thinking about testing an electrical rapid transit system in Long Branch, NJ. The computer operated personal pods, which run on a guideway and would require riders to lift the hatch and pay the fare, are being looked at as an alternative to cars and even buses. Plus, the pods won't stop for other people, they will keep you on your way. The company, SkyWeb Express, is testing out their Taxi 2000 in Minnesota and Wales, UK, and say the project could work in other NJ cities like Newark, Atlantic City and the proposed Xanadu sports complex at the Meadowlands. Gothamist loves the idea of personal transport pods, especially since it reminds us of the brilliant Simpsons episode, Marge Vs. The Monorail (lyrics to Lyle Lanley's Monorail song here). We have dreams of a monorail/transport pod system for NY (sort of like the world envisioned by The Minority Report), but realize this kind of project works best where there is more room to build (like NJ).

How would you feel about a monorail/rapid transit system in NYC? There is the AirTrain, but that's a little bit of a pain at times (subway to the bus...).