NYU's plan for world East Village domination hit a snag yesterday when Community Board 2 unanimously voted to oppose the school's aggressive NYU 2031 expansion plan. "This community board is turning down flat the NYU proposal," David Gruber, co-chair of CB2's NYU working group, said before the board voted last night.

"I am extremely pleased that CB 2 is now on record strongly opposing NYU’s plan, which threatens to destroy the neighborhood character of the Village," CB 2 Chair Brad Hoylman said in a statement. “But there is a lot more work to be done. I hope the detailed resolution from the community board will provide a roadmap for our elected officials as we continue discussions with the City and NYU and helps send this plan back to the drawing board."

The Board, while acknowledging that NYU brings many benefits to the city and community, argues in their resolution that the school's plan [PDF] to add more than 2 million square feet to its campus is "far too big for a dense residential neighborhood such as Greenwich Village" and "would have severely damaging and long-lasting consequences to the neighborhood’s essential character and resources, including its socioeconomic diversity, public open space, historic preservation and quality of life."

Of course CB2's rejection is not the end of this fight (which everyone from students to neighbors have gotten in on). At all. The plan now moves up to an advisory vote by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, after which it will be voted on by the City Planning Commission and City Council. And the school, for its part, seems optimistic it will get its way (as it always seems to). "NYU appreciates the community's feedback to date and believes that our five-year dialogue with our neighbors has already yielded tremendous results," NYU vice president Alicia Hurley said in a statement.