Police Commissioner Ray Kelly spoke about the man the federal authorities believe was planning a terrorist attack—and Newsday reports that Kelly confirmed that the plot was apparently focused on the Big Apple, "We believe the target was most likely here in New York City."

Of course, the U.S. Attorney's office has already said as much before about Najibullah Zazi's alleged plotting, but it's always creepy to have that confirmed again by the NYPD. Newsday adds, "While guarded in his comments because of the pending federal investigation, Kelly indicated Zazi's high-speed driving - involving speeds over 100 mph - on his trip to New York from Colorado last month had raised concern about a possible attack timed to the Sept. 11 anniversary... Kelly declined to answer a number of specific questions, including whether investigators tailing Zazi lost track of him for about an hour this past Sept. 11 while he was in the subway system."

Zazi is being held in Brooklyn on a single charge of terrorism conspiracy. While there are supposed to be more arrests, now the AP reports that the investigation is now focusing on who Zazi may have been calling when he was driving from Denver to NYC: "Terrorism investigators are trying to determine whether suspect Najibullah Zazi sent instructions to associates as he drove... Such instructions could explain a critical missing piece of the high-profile terrorism case: why authorities could not find actual explosives."

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the plot was "one of the most serious terrorist threats" since 9/11.