Camel's new Williamsburg cigarettes aren't even in stores until January, and they're already causing a stink. The tobacco company R.J. Reynolds is paying homage to the neighborhood as part of some new campaign targeting hip, young creatives who want to be on the fast track to killing themselves. So edgy!

Anyway, they've been lambasted for the idea—though it does seem that some locals may ironically procure a pack—and now Health Commissioner Thomas Farley has written a letter asking Camel to keep away from the Burg.

According to the Daily News, Farley says, "I am particularly disturbed that this effort to recruit young smokers exploits the name and image of Brooklyn's vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood." As for R.J. Reynolds, a spokesperson told NY1, "We market our products to legal age adult tobacco consumers, this promotion speaks to just that audience." They also noted that they'll respond to Farley's letter when they deem it appropriate.