Police Commissioner Ray Kelly really wants TD Bank to increase its security: The Daily News reports that he sent the bank a letter criticizing the bank's "friendly" atmosphere (like robber-friendly) lack of bandit barriers, "It is simply unacceptable to put business decisions before public safety." The News adds, "As if to prove Kelly's point, a prolific thief successfully robbed $1,000 from a TD branch on Ninth Ave. Monday - after being rebuffed at three Chase branches" (the Chase branches do have barriers between the customer and tellers). Apparently 17% of this year's bank robberies occurred at TD Bank branches, but TD Bank says, "We don't believe saying that we have a disproportionate amount of robberies is a fair portrayal of us." The NYPD wants to see bandit barriers plus eye-level cameras and "countertops designed to leave clear fingerprints" at bank branches to help deter more bank robberies (which were up 57% last year).